Welcome to Rambling Naomi!

I am what you might call an 'outdoor creative,' this means I am inspired by the great outdoors and seek to inspire others by my experiences through videography and photography. I am also a digital marketer with lots of experience with copywriting and creating social media campaigns. 


If I were to choose one thing that lockdown taught me it would be to have taken pleasure in peaceful moments even if they only lasted a second. I seek to emulate that in my work, capturing the peaceful moment, or the eye-catching or the dramatic. It can look different to everyone but for me peace comes from nature and the natural world around us.


I have always thought ‘there’s more time in a day than 9-5.’   So I’m here, in my tiny corner of the big wide web with the hope to do amazing things and encourage others to do them to.

about me

In the first lockdown I started learning the guitar. In one online tutorial it said now you have learnt four chords you're a guitarist. By calling yourself a guitarist you would change your mindset and be able to commit your patience and time. I agree with the sentiment (although in practice I’m just a chords person) so I’m a guitarist, pianist, paddleboarder, climber, candle maker, knitter, hiker, photographer, videographer, painter, writer, definitely a singer, reader, classicist, and beginner surfer. Those are my hobbies. I also drink enough coffee for it to be considered a hobby.

But I’m rambling, so to sum it up I am an ‘outdoor creative,’ and a digital marketer. I will be making videos and blog posts on the things I get up to and when lockdown lifts I’ll be able to do more. I would have started my YouTube channel by now if it weren't for the latest lockdown meaning I cannot venture further afield but fingers crossed it will be soon. My blogs might take the form of walking stories, guides, and how-tos. You can also follow my instagram @ramblingnaomi for updates and very aesthetic landscapes and supping trips. 


If you would like to work together please fill in a contact form.