Touring the British countryside

I have only recently started paddling on canals so there aren't many different places I've tried yet. This guide will grow in time.

I have really enjoyed meeting so many walkers on the canals. Pretty sure I've sold a few paddle boards to them. 

Grand Weston Canal Tiverton

Tiverton is the end of the Grand Canal. There is an easy pontoon here to get on and off your boards.

There is a pay & display car park below/next to the canal, you need to walk up some steps to get to the water. 

This part of the canal is busy with pedestrains walking alongside the water.

You can paddle as far as you like, I usually do about 10km in total. 

Tiverton Bridge

If you plug in Tiverton Bridge Car Park into maps it will take you to a free car park outside of Tiverton next to the canal.

Once you are on the water, turn right to head towards Tiverton or left for Sampford Peverell. 

Left is a longer route, much quieter and prettier paddling through the countryside with some lovely views.


A note from a fellow paddler

I hope this helps you find new sup destinations and helps you plan your next canal paddle more local to you. Always worth taking a flask of coffee or hot chocolate with you in the winter just to keep you toasty. 

Tip: to find a new place to launch from very simply follow the canal on google maps to find different car parks. Some places are easier to launch from than others but theres nearly always a footpath next to a canal that you can launch from if there is a nearby car park. 

Please respect social distancing, even on the water. Don't swap kit with others and remember to always keep hand sanatiser and a face mask with you. Take everything home with you. 

Respect the water.

Ankle leashes are fine on canals since they are pretty still. Keep an eye on weather conditions and wind directions. Remember it is easier to start by paddling into the wind and then when you turn round the wind will help carry you back. Use XC- Weather, Wind Guru for inland conditions. 

If you are paddling alone make sure someone knows your route, tell them when you are about to get on the water and when you expect to be off. If it is late you may want to keep a torch in your dry bag. 

Happy paddling!