sea, rolling hills and moorland to top it off

Exmoor is buried in the South West of England hosting views to take your breath away.

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Exmoor is Home.

I was extremely lucky and spoilt to grow up between the sea and the moors of Exmoor. It's a somewhat small National Park in comparison to places like the Lake District but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. Walking, cycling, running, riding across Exmoor is a feast for the eyes. There's a little something for everyone, if you love woodland walks, coastal paths and cliffs, or trudging through elephant grass on the moors, or welcoming views of cultivated farmland or walking along the river. Exmoor has it all. 

Dunkery Beakon

Dunkery Beacon is the highest point on Exmoor offering stunning views across both moorland, farmland and the sea. On a clear day you can see the cliffs of Wales.


There are probably a 100 different variations of walks around Dunkery Beakon and I reccomend them all!

A note from a fellow rambler

I hope this helps you plan your next rambling adventure. 

I will update these walks as I go. Although I lived on Exmoor until I was 20 I never really took photos of the area because it was just home. I also never used a map on Exmoor so not actually sure what all the paths real names are other than what we called them like High Trees, Dickies Path and Judges Ride. 

When visiting these areas please respect them, the natural habitats, farmers/owners and other walkers.

Make sure to take hand sanitiser with you incase you encounter a gate, always useful to keep a mask and a bottle of water in your bag and respect the 2 metre social distancing.  If you are wild camping, please check with the OS Maps if it is legal to do so. Remember to take everything with you and leave no trace you have been there.

If you would like any recommendations for places to stay, villages and shops please contact me and I'd be happy to help. 

Enjoy your rambling.