Lakes and Reservoirs

The perfect place if you would like to paddle in very large circles.


All in-land bodies of water in England are privately owned. You need permission from the owner before paddling there. Places like lakes and reservoirs provide permits/day passes that you buy before you can go on the water.

Wimbleball Lake

A large reservoir on Exmoor with beautiful views of farmland and moorland. 

Large car parks, you are allowed to drop off your equipment by the water and then drive back up to the car park. About £8 for a day permit. 

You can only travel outside of safety cover if you are in a pair.


A note from a fellow paddler

Fingers crossed this will inspire you to find lakes and reservoirs near you or help you find somewhere new.  I will update this page as I go. I know of other lakes/reservoirs in the South West such as Roadford and Siblyback but I don't want to recommend them without already paddling there.


Lakes are as flat as it gets so they are great for beginners or those wanting to learn tricks like headstands or do some yoga. Wind-direction largely effects water conditions, on Wimbleball I have seen it with white capped waves doing 40kts. The lakes will close if conditions are not suitable or they will advise against you going out based on your ability and experience. 

Remember to ensure social distancing, take hand sanatiser and a face mask with you. Talk to staff members about the site specific safety precautions and when safety cover ends before going on the water.


Happy paddling!