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lockdown diary | frosty morning walk and coffee

I won’t keep you for long. I’d just like to announce my YouTube channel is now live! I’m incredibly excited to be sharing my first video. I filmed this on the morning of New Year's Day. Honestly, I am in shock that I have posted a video on YouTube...

My New Years was a little bit awful, my cat died unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve and we spent the rest of the day sobbing having already stayed up with her all night. We then had a blackout for most of the evening and sat in candlelight by the fire. So, our New Year’s Eve wasn’t particularly joyful after what had already felt like a hard year.

Despite everything, and maybe because of the previous day, I woke up desperately wanting to do something different to distract me from the absent face. Fortunately, there had been a deep frost so I decided to do some filming for the first time.

The frosted beauty around me was a gentle distraction from everything else. I hope you enjoy my first video and can understand how peaceful I felt filming. This is the first time I have ever tried filming and editing properly.

Please like, view, subscribe (viewing it would be a good start!) Thank you!

Also, I promise I will get better at talking to the camera!

I am excited for the year ahead. I've got some big plans and I'm diving head first into whatever comes next. Now I have a taste for making videos you're going to be seeing a lot more of them from me.

I have a couple of 'adventure goals' for this year:

1) hike to every stone circle on Dartmoor

2) wild camp and surf

3) attempt outdoor bouldering

4) sup expedition for a few days in the Lake District

It's all things I have done before but I would really like to commit to them this year and really go for it. When I reflected on 2020 I was surprised with how grateful I was for all the different things I tried and accomplished. Along with everyone else we will see if these goals are reached due to lockdown and also life just gets in the way sometimes. We shall see.

Thank you for reading and watching! Next week I will post some supping content. I'm putting together a video from pre-lockdown suping trips. Send me a message on instagram or email me with any suggestions about what you would like to see next.


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